Yoruba language is one of the three major indigenous languages in Nigeria. Yoruba Language has been inculcated into the Nigerian system of education as a prerequisite for every students especially in the western part of the country as a result of its relevance in building cultured generation with sound knowledge of their mother tongue as a means of promoting cultural values of the nation at large. Yoruba Language has developed and spanned even beyond the shores of Nigeria as a nation; it is widely spoken in most West African countries and beyond. The knowledge of the language will distinguish students; giving them edge over their non speaking counterparts. This course will equip the students with the basics of the language through different medium. Student will learn about the grammatical structures of the language. They will also learn about the culture and traditions of the Yoruba people. Different literatures both written and oral will be studied in this course. Students will be taken through drills to ensure they are able to read and to start writing the language, they will learn to compose basic sentences in Yoruba. They will be exposed to different activities that will compel them to also respond through speaking of the language.

N15,000  Per Subject

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