Basic Science which was formerly known as integrated science cuts across the spectrum of other related sciences. It deals with the theoretical and practical study of living organisms intersecting with subjects like Biology, Physical and health education, Agricultural science, Home economics and some aspects of social studies. Students are imparted with the requisite foundational knowledge about basic science through discussions, practical, group works and assessment strategies like homeworks, tests and quizzes. It cover topics and sub topics on: Family Health {cleanliness and diseases, drug abuse}, Nutrition, Environmental Conservation, Environmental Pollution and Safety (Maintaining Balance), Environmental Conservation and Safety {Sanitation}, Disease Vector, Immunization and prevention of STIs {HIV/AIDS}. Students are also taught about Matter and the changes in Matter, Changes in living things, and the human skeletal system; the human respiratory system, the human circulatory system and Excretion. They study about ICT, Crude oil and petroleum; Work energy and power; Simple machines; Wheel and axle, the screw jack; levers and Gears.

N15,000  Per Subject

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