How Distance Learning Works

The Global Distance learning programme is a blended mix of offline and on line teaching and learning. Really, it’s the best of both worlds as students have access to huge resources online blended with a face to face online interactive sessions with their teachers. Your child can study anywhere in the world

Away from the computer

Global Online doesn’t leave the student’s learning experience when they close the computer. Providing work for the students for the students to work on independently is a vital part of the Global Online platform as this helps build character within the students teaching them hard work, tenacity and resilience which they can then carry throughout their lives. This amalgamation of work at home and work online is only a small aspect of our distinctive philosophy here at Global Online. Students who enrol will be given the customary items that they would be given at school which consists of:

  • Worksheets
  • Textbooks
  • Direct materials that will go hand-in-hand with their online education

To help the students attain their maximum potential, they will work together with a trusted adult at home who will enact as their Learning Coach and is able to guide them through lessons and offline learning. The Learning Coaches will, like the students, receive first-hand assistance by a certified teacher to help maximise the students’ progress.

  • The work that is provided and to be completed offline will solidify the students learning as it is an extension of the school curriculum. This work will be split with 70% of learning being completed offline while 30% is completed online.
  • The tracking of students’ progress will be a major part of what we do here at Global Online as completion of assessments will help families keep on top of their child’s learning.
  • Our schedule is pliable for the students allowing them to work at their own pace. The guides we have produced for our Learning Coaches follow a 180-day programme, but students may want and are able to complete it in a shorter duration while others, longer.

Every week a teacher-led Class Connect session will be held ensuring that the students are provided with vital extension activities and peer interaction is met


Our Admissions Team will respond by email or phone within 48 hours with:

Answers to all your questions

Your child will be invited to join our Online Learning Management platform, containing a wide range of learning resources.

You will also be able to submit your assignments and tutors will be able to provide fast feedback

Face to face tutoring help by skype by tutors

List of subjects your child will register for

You will get all your courses online quickly, using our Learning Management system.

Assignments in the learning Management platform will be provided at regular intervals throughout the course.

You can see samples for all subjects on the course pages of this website. Just go to a course level on the menu bar (IGCSE for example) and click on any subject.

A fees quotation

Email contact with Tutors at all times.

Fast and helpful assignment feedback to your child from their Tutors.

Your child’s Progress and Learning personal tutor will be in touch and you will receive instructions to join with a timetable

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