Prepare For The WAEC, IGCSE Or A LEVELS Cambridge Examinations


Global college is a leading provider of exam preparation and education services to students of all ages and skill levels. With more than a million students all over the world taking SS3, IGCSE, A LEVELS, SAT & TOEFL each year, competition to get into the best universities is on the rise.
Due to COVID 19, many examinations have been canceled and many postponed, we are now preparing students for an intensive revision for students in SS3 who are yet to sit for the WAEC exams which might be done as soon as schools reopen
IGCSE, A LEVELS, SAT & TOEFL are the most demanding exams that students will take in their lifetime, as it is the most important criteria in determining a student’s admission into University or College. After 20 years of delivering these courses, our lecturers know the courses inside and out and are experienced teaching the skills needed to tackle every trick, trap, and question type students will see on examination day.

Every Student Will Benefit From

  • From Personalized instruction in a small group setting through dynamics our Learning management platform and zoom
  • Hours focused on the exact skills students  needs
  • Timed  practice CBT tests under examination conditions
  • Expert teachers who know  and understand the challenges of preparing for university and are experienced in teaching the subjects
  • Specialized one on one tutoring available in specific subject areas online
  • Holiday and Term time tuition available

The Revision Programme Package Includes



Review of the Syllabus The WAEC and Cambridge/SAT Syllabus in each of the subjects will be reviewed and content taught in critical areas.
Diagnostic  Evaluation The areas of students strengths and weaknesses will be diagnosed through the taking of tests in all subjects they are taking for the examination under strict examination conditions.

Tutors will give a detailed analysis of results to identify the needs of the students which they will focus on to help the students achieve the highest possible results.

Study /Examination Techniques Tips for developing excellent study skills will be taught. Examination Techniques in each subject will also be taught
Practice of Past Examination Questions Students will receive daily examination practice with past questions administered under examination conditions in written and video formats.

Tutors will produce a detailed score analysis for each test on the answer script to measure the students progress and pinpoint areas requiring further action

Preparing students for similar questions to what they will see in the real exams will give the peace of mind that comes with confidence.

A series of past examination questions will be attempted in each subject. Marks scheme will be discussed  as well

Tests and Mock examinations Periodic tests and home work will be given. At the end of the programme, a mock examination will be conducted with report issued to parents


Time: 9am – 4pm Monday – Friday

Term time after school: 4-6 pm Monday – Friday , 9am-3pm Saturdays

e best in curriculum-based online education for students
anywhere in the world, any time.


Holiday Group Tuition:     N20, 000 per month (minimum of 5 subjects) per month

            Term Time after School Tuition: N10,000 per month

One On One Personalized Tutoring:   Pls Call

Our child’s education can’t wait another day. You can book a place on a course of your choice by telephoning

0802 314 51320808 900 2356  |  0816 893 6945

Simply complete the booking form and send it together with your payments to  Global International College.

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