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Students are taught basic foundational component structure of ict and its relevant hardware and software. They would understand that ict is a transformational tool that can be used to sort items and information. They would learn the benefits and disadvantages of ict; they would get to know ict gadgets and learn to identify one from the other. They would learn the use of the internet and how it can be both beneficial and abused. They would also learn how to enter information into a word processor, save, edit and retrieve their work. They would understand that ict can be used to create data, organize data and change data. They would understand that data that is not correctly imputed does not provide accurate answers. They would understand that certain questions require a simple yes or no answer. At the end of this class, they should be able to define the basic terms associated with ict and the different terms associated with the internet, the internet environment and world wide web. They should be able to use various web tools including web browsers, e-mail clients and search utilities and would introduced to the paint environment and graphic packages like corel draw.

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