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The course will enable students to appreciate the importance of sanitation in the kitchen food preparation and service.  Students will learn how to apply principles underlying food processing, storage and preservation as well as acquire basic knowledge in consumer education.


Students in this course will gain the basic skills and insights necessary to create drawings that are both accurate and expressive. Explorations offline, value and form will engage the eye and the hand as well as the heart. Students will gain confidence in their own vision and their ability to draw what they see.


This course is to introduce students to the concepts, and practices of art through visual and art historical perspectives in nigerian. Students will be engaged in discussion about the elements of art, such as content, composition, styles, methods and materials.


Students will also be introduced to all of the visual art practices, including drawing, painting, photography, conceptual and installation art, video art, earthworks, and performance art, as well as craft, printmaking, graphics design and sculptures created by western and west african artists and history that inform understanding of culture’s way of life and beliefs.


(these works of art will be studied as a way to understand the way of life, beliefs and priorities of these societies, as well as contemporary culture). Students will also continue to develop the basic skills and vocabulary necessary to critique a work of art. In turn, students will gain a deeper understanding of today’s culture and society. Lastly, students will create an independent body of work and demonstrate their ability, presented in a professional manner, document the artwork photographically, curate their exhibition, and write their artist statement.

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