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Accounting is a course in which different people have been successful in.
Accountants can work in different organizations, most accountants work in audit or tax offices, others work in financial management institutions, consulting firms, financial analysis and forensic accounting firms.
Accounting can be divided into several fields such as: financial accounting, management accounting, external auditing, tax accounting and cost accounting.
Accounting is a management course or subject that is taught in high schools, colleges and universities.

Various accounting jobs are as follows:

  1. Chief financial officers are senior corporate officers responsible for overseeing and managing the financial risks of a corporation.
  2. Controller is a high level financial officer in corporate organizations.
  3. Tax accountant.
  4. Account payable specialist.

Accounts as a course is the introduction to financial accounting concepts and the communication of financial information to external users.

It examines accounting processes, transaction analysis and other related topics.

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