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The study of christian religious knowledge would provide students with an understanding of the teachings of jesus, who is considered the saviour of the christian faith. They would study biblical passages and narratives from the synoptic gospels which provides humanity with a view of jesus as creator and savior even as they learn how religious institutions and sects played a major role in the socio-political affairs of bible times. From topics that would cover the passion of christ and the significance of the triumphant entry; the last supper; the betrayal and arrest of jesus at the garden of gethsemane; the trial and crucifixion of jesus; the death, burial and resurrection of jesus down to the last commandment he gave to his disciples before his ascension into heaven, known as the great commission, they would learn the call and demands of discipleship. They would also learn other teachings of jesus on forgiveness, humility, sacrificial giving and fasting; they would also get to read about the healing miracles of jesus and his power over death; they would also read about the frailties of man and be able to deduce several moral lessons from the teachings of jesus through the many parables he told. At the end of this class, students would comprehend why the

Triumphant entry today is being celebrated as palm sunday by christians and would understand how the leadership qualities of jesus eventually made the people recognize and proclaim him as the saviour of the world.

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