P.H.E is one of the few interesting courses that is offered from the Primary school level to the University level. It focuses on the development of the human body and its well-being through physical fitness. This subject instills in every student, the importance of daily diets and it recommends exercises for various parts of the human body for keeping fit. It imparts in every student both theoretical and practical knowledge and devises practical exercises for both indoors and outdoor activities. It covers topics and sub topics on Sports and Society, Sports Law, Human Trafficking, Careers and branches of Physical and Health. Students are taught about School Health Programmes, Environment Pollution, Table Tennis Games, Posture and Postural Defects. It provides a good understanding on Recreation and Leisure, Hand ball Game, Consumer Health education. It teaches on other practicable areas like Gymnastic, Swimming, Basketball game, Judo and Karate, Long Distance Races and Relay Races, Tennis Game, etc. It also draws attention to Accident and safety Education and also non-communicable diseases. Students are easily responsive to P.H.E instructions because it is mostly an active and engaging subject with many practicable but fun exercises.

N15,000  Per Subject

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