What subjects can my child study?

Global offers courses for families wanting their children to complete WAEC, IGCSE or A level Canadian, UK, USA and Medical Foundation qualifications in a range of subjects. We offer Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary and Sixth Form Courses.

What qualifications will my child receive at the end of their course?

For WAEC, IGCSE or A level your child will receive a certificate from the examination board (either Cambridge (CIE), WAEC or OSSD. This will indicate the grade that your child has obtained. For Lower Secondary students, we provide an end-of-course report based on your child’s performance on the course in the key areas of English, Maths, and Science.

What happens when my child starts their course?
  • Your child will be enrolled and get access to our online learning environment and its resources as soon. So, they can begin studying right away.
  • Your child’s tutor will develop an individual study schedule for your child based on the time they have available for study so there is a clear structure to work from.


What is the online learning environment like?

The learning Management Platform contains your child’s course resources and is easy to use. You will be able to access it separately from your child, as a parent This means that you get feedback your child gets from their tutors and all the available resources. Among the resources on are:

  1. The syllabus for the subject(s) being studied. Here you will both be able to see the topics covered in the course, how your child will be assessed.
  2. The Programme of Study for each subject, which shows your child the topics covered before each assignment and the reading required.
  3. The assignments. Your child submits these to their tutors online and will receive grades, together with helpful feedback, within 3 – 5 working days of submission.
  4. A wide range of online resources and links, such as interactive websites, videos, and tutor-prepared materials, all of which complement the course books.
How long will a course take?


How long a course will take depends on your child’s foundation, prior knowledge of a subject, and how quickly they learn. But we estimate, on average, that your child should allow up to one year to study for Secondary and Foundation and 2 years for A Levels 


What assignments will my child have to complete?


For Lower Secondary courses, students have regular assignments to complete which will be marked by their tutor. For IGCSE and Sixth form level courses, assignments are designed to prepare students fully for their exam. These assignments do not count towards the exam grade, but they are assessed, and your child’s tutor will provide extensive feedback. In many cases the assignments are based on previous exam papers, so they are an excellent opportunity for your child to practice answering the kinds of questions they’ll face in the exam.


How does my child enter for their exams?

Students can take exams with us as we are a WAEC & CIE centre or in their schools or any other centres accredited by the exam boards. We also do the OSSD exams online

How much support to do I need to provide to my child?

It’s very important to us that your child feels supported throughout their course. This support will come from three sources:

  1. Tutors. Your child will have a tutor for each subject. Tutors will assess and grade their assignments. We also invite you and your child to arrange a Skype call with their tutors before starting the course. This is a “get to know you” call and will give you and your child the opportunity to ask tutors any questions they might have about the course itself. Your child can then contact their tutors via the LMS throughout the course.
  2. Student Learning Progress Tutor will deal any administrative issues such as changing your child’s study schedule, helping you to find an exam centre, or anything else on which you or your child need advice.
  3. You! Parents have a critical role to play in home-schooling their child. When parents are involved in their child’s education and work with their children on a regular basis, the home-schooling experience will be much more successful.
What happens if my child falls behind with their work?

if you feel your child is falling behind with their work, you can contact your Learning and progress support teacher 

it’s vital for parents to be involved with and be supportive of their child when educating at home. Exactly how much involvement varies – students at Lower Secondary, for instance, will probably need more guidance than those studying for IGCSE and A levels

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