Basic Technology/

Basic Technology teaches students about the use of technology in general hardware development from Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to Technical drawing. It explains how far society has developed from the Analogue systems to the digital communication system level. It covers topics and sub-topics First aid materials and uses of first aid, Materials and Wood processing, uses of wood and types of wood; It teaches about Metals, uses of metals and types of metals; Ceramics, uses of ceramics and properties of ceramics; Plastics and Rubber, Uses of plastics and types of plastics and rubber. It lays a sound foundation for Geometry and expounds on Geometrical construction of {lines, angles, circles} on one hand and Triangles {Quadrilateral and Plane figures}. Students acquire practicable knowledge on Tools and Materials {Metal work hand tools, Marking out tools and Measuring tools}. They learn about Driving out tools and Cutting out tools. They are taught Energy Based Technological Appliances (Operation of a pressing/charcoal iron, electric kettle, cookers/kerosene cookers, Wood work Machines and Belt and Chain drill gears). They get to study about Transmission of Energy, Foundation of a Building, Maintenance of furniture and other related areas under Basic technology.

N15,000  Per Subject

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